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Ventrillo Details are as follows; Site Address: Port: 4798
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Guild Progression.
There are currently no recruitment needs for the Darkened Souls. Information can be saught from players online if you wish to discuss possible application.
Welcome to the home of the Darkened Souls.

Our moto is simple 'Aut Disce Aut Discede' either learn or leave.

We are a casual and relaxed 10 man raiding guild that focuses exclusively
  on '10 man strict progression'
  Through past experience we have found that there is too much hassle and risk associated with guild meltdown in attempting to please people for 25 man
content and as such it is not an area we will be progressing into.

Hope you make use of and enjoy the site, after all this is where a lot of current discussions will take place!

Current realm ranking based on strict guild members only raiding and no pugs at GuildOx.
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Marrowgar Couldn't 'Stick Around' Anymore!

Layzeeman, Jun 6, 10 6:18 PM.
Lord Who??? Merely Soul Fodder!

Amazed! I nearly fell off my bloomin' seat!

ICC, Lord Marrowgar - 6/6/2010 
9 peeps, 1 try and 1 shotted, does it get any better than that???

Huge gratz to all for an amazing achievement:

Tanks: Gaelwym and Stuntmuffin.
Heals: Bertpally, Crazyfang and Siikoo.
DPS: Deathsmash, Drasman, Zód and Layzeedotter.

Guild Progression gets off to a FLYING start!

Layzeeman, Jun 3, 10 6:54 AM.
Anub'Arak won't be 'Stomping' on any Souls again anytime soon!


A HUGE thanks and massive grats to all involved in clearing TOC 10 man last night (2nd June 2010), was awesome, especially as it has raised us up nicely in the GuildOx stats

Tanks: Gaelwym and Stuntmuffin.
Heals: Bertpally, Zód and Crazyfang.
DPS: Deathsmash, Drasman, Basherbob, Tekil and Layzeedotter.
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European: Hellfire (PvE)
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Amatariz (Crazyfang)
Dr Asman
Tharon / Gaelwym
Menzo the Kingslayer - Critical Mass
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